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Welcome to our website and radio station. We strive to provide inspiration, education and information through our talk-shows and stress-free music.


Click here to find out more about our music or click here to read more about our weekly talk shows. 

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Our Station

Welcome to Chattanooga's WPTP 100.1 FM Home of Informative and Educational Talk-Radio, Community Info, Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Gospel, Blues and Classic R & B.

In early Spring 2018, WPTP made its debut into Chattanooga's broadcast arena. WPTP is a community-oriented, low power, non-commercial radio station licensed to Chattanooga, TN.  WPTP is owned and operated by The Alton Park Development Corporation and operates at 100mhz on an assigned frequency of 100.1 FM as authorized by The Federal Communications Commission.

WPTP's unique Urban Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Gospel and Classic R & B genre was researched and carefully selected based upon hundreds of ascertainments and questionnaires circulated among the 25+ adult demographic. Months before WPTP became reality, Alton Park Development Corporation President George B. Calhoun and Executive Director, Dr. Elenora Woods (Founder of WPTP Radio), submitted an application to construct a low power, non-commercial radio station in Chattanooga's  Alton Park Community.  Based upon format, Community Service, Informative and Educational commitment to Community, The Federal Communications Commission awarded a license and construction permit to The Alton Park Development Corporation.

The in-depth outline submitted to The Federal Communications Commission exhibited a wide array of Community Service and Diverse Programming with special emphasis addressing three primary needs within the community; Health & Wellness, Education and Finance. Through several weekly On-Air Audience participation Forums and Talk Programs moderated by professionals in each category, WPTP shall strive to fulfill its commitment to improve, educate and enhance the lives of all Chattanoogans each broadcast day.


The birth of WPTP-100.1 FM is a success story inside of a much larger and unique partnership between Community, Corporate and local government has garnered the support from the Alton Park-Chattanooga residents, The Corporate Community, local and State Officials across the City, County and State of Tennessee. The Alton Park Development Corporation, the largest active minority Community Based organization in Chattanooga and Hamilton County continues to raise the bar of excellence for future Community Development programs.   

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